The Maasai called it Enkare Nyirobi, meaning the place of cool waters’ today it is roundly referred to as the green city in the sun the area that is now Nairobi was once frequented by the Maasai in search of water for their flock

At 1,661 metres (5,449ft) above sea level, Nairobi enjoys a fairly moderate climate, the altitude makes for some chilly evenings, especially in the June/July season when the temperature can drop to 10 C. the sunniest and warmest part of the year are from December to march when temperatures average the mid twenties during the day

Nairobi has been an interesting place for tourists, academic and researches alike .with the 3 and 5 star hotels throughout the country,Nairobi as the  capital city has served a great combination of business and pleasure trips to foreigners

The country  is also famous for golf courses and country clubs including the Windsor and most of foreigners who never played golf before learn here how to pay because cheap club membership and trainers fee in Nairobi even outlying towns in Kenya have good courses for which business men and tourists combine their tour outside Nairobi with one or two rounds of golf with colleagues or political personalities, particularly to talk business

Animals reserves really enchanting, with good food ,nice entertainment and the ideal accommodation its a  novel experience of seeing  animals in their natural habitat,

its quit amazing if  one can  experience such a trip and that is the reason why Nairobi events agencies gives clients an opportunity to define and communicate their objectives,from the safe landing,to booked rooms,all through conferences and trips,you visit will be the beginning of a tour